Ezy-Website: Easy to use, self managed, hosted CMS

Ezy-Website: an online tool to assist in the management and creation of content for your website

Sick of paying your web developer every time you want to make a little change to your website? Want more control over your website? Got a new product line and don’t want to pay all over again to have it live on your website?

Take Control of your Own Site, get an ezy-website, pay once and then manage and make changes yourself, including full pages, all data, graphics, you name it. Don’t be sucked in by the so-called ‘manage your own sites’ which are limited, really take control yourself! If you can use the likes of Outlook, Word or Internet Explorer, you can easily use this programme, you don’t need to be an ‘IT whizz’.

You can manage your workplace, your staff, your stock/services, your pricing, your marketing and to some degree your clients. Why then do so many of us leave our online marketing (website) to someone else?

ezy-Website is essentially a “PHP CMS” Content Management System, enabling you to manage your website/s without the need for skilled technical staff.

This fully featured solution gives you back control to make changes and add pages to your website (or intranet) as and when you like. With features like:

WYSIWYG Interface: Edit your site using familiar tools / icons to create attractive looking page layouts.

Familiar Short Cuts: Like to keep your fingers busy, well using familiar shortcuts on selected text you can maintain your productivity. Ctrl+B, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+U etc… are just some of the short cuts built in to make your life easy.

Spell Check: Once you have added your page content do an online spell check. (spelling errors are one of the main reasons for viewers not taking your website seriously)

Need a form?: Using our ezy-Forms you can design a form with or without a custom auto responder, database all contacts via your form and insert forms into any page with ease. My 10yr old daughter can use this.

Design Flexibility: Have your site look like it was made for you. If your favourite colours are Green and Gold and you prefer curves over straight lines then thats great. Don’t have your imagination stifled by fixed design models.

SEO Friendly: We understand that most people don’t know how SEO works (SEO by the way is Search Engine Optimisation) so ezy-Website has been designed to be inherently SEO friendly.

Real Estate Module: An advanced Real Estate program specifically designed for the Australian market place. Suited for multi office, multi domain management and capable of delivering significant time savings for all staff, and amazing online presentation to gain new listings, and of course to encourage the sale of Real Estate. Uploads to multiple external portals like www.realestate.com.au, and www.domain.com.au.

More: Time stamped News Publishing, Events, Re-usable Elements, Page Template Control, Link Manager, Members Only area are some of the standard features already built in for your convenience.

Where to from here ? Learn more about what the ezy-Website CMS is and how it can benefit your online needs or contact us now for an online presentation.

By the way, this site is built / designed using ezy-Website, it wouldn’t do for us to be promoting how good it is without using it ourselves would it.